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ICRISAT-led global team cracks pigeonpea genome (08:22 min) 

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Crop improvement, Biotechnology: Genomics, Market Access and Value Chains


Grain legumes, Pigeonpea


Farming Systems, Cropping Systems, Crops and Livestock Systems


Southern Asia, India, Eastern Asia, China


ICRISAT-led global team cracks pigeonpea genome (08:22 min)

CGIAR Research Program

Grain Legumes

ICRISAT Research Programs

Grain Legumes

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First legume genome sequence to improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the dryland tropics. Once referred to as an “orphan crop” mainly grown by poor farmers, pigeonpea is now set to join the world’s league of major food crops with the completion of its genome sequence. The completed genome sequence of pigeonpea is featured as an advance online publication on 06 November 2011 on the website of the journal Nature Biotechnology (Nature Biotechnology, the highest ranked journal in the area of biotechnology

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09 Nov 11

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Video Partners

International Initiative for Pigeonpea Genomics (IIPG), led by ICRISAT with partners such as BGI-Shenzhen (China); US research laboratories like University of Georgia, University of California-Davis, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and National Centre for Genome Resources; European research institutes like the National University of Ireland-Galway; and also support from the CGIAR Generation Challenge Program; US National Science Foundation and in-kind contribution from the collaborating research institutes.

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India, China, USA

Video Scientists

Varshney, R

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