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Malawi Seed Industry Development Project (MSIDP) - Phase 2 

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Policy & Institutions, Seed systems


Grain legumes, Groundnut, Pigeonpea


Farming Systems, Cropping Systems, Livelihood Systems


Eastern and Southern Africa

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01 Apr 16


Malawi Seed Industry Development Project (MSIDP) - Phase 2


Seed systems, Market Access & Value Chains Policy & Institutions,seed industry

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The purpose of this project is to improve legume and cereal seed systems and complementary agricultural innovations to catalyse productivity improvement and associated social benefits of improved food, nutrition and income security to smallholder farmers. The project will scale up production and delivery of improved innovations of common bean, groundnut, pigeonpea, sorghum, millet and rice. The project targets to reach 100,000 households.

Phase-I: The Malawi Seed Industry Development Project was designed to support the work of the Eastern and Southern Africa Seed Alliance (ESASA) in Malawi. The goal of ESASA is to increase smallholder yields and incomes through the competitive and reliable provision of high quality affordable seed to smallholder farmers. This particular project within ESASA will expand the production of both improved as well as foundation seed of beans, groundnut, pigeonpea and rice. It will also facilitate the production of certified seed by the National Smallholder Farmers; Association of Malawi (NASFAM) that will be made available to the Malawi Input Subsidy Program (ISP) in 2010 through the seed traders association of Malawi (STAM) network. To increase the number of seed companies in the country, the project will identify and support selected agro-dealers interested in marketing improved high-quality seed.

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Completed Project

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Dr Patrick Okori (


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